daily money management expertise all records in order, all in one place


Legacy Management, Inc. offers a Daily Money Management service and system tailored to the needs of seniors, which can then be modified to fit the specific needs of each client. The Daily Money Management service affords many seniors the support they require to successfully manage their independence.

Most often we meet with clients in their own homes, while our clients direct the tasks to be completed and control their own affairs. Our support is professional and confidential, with a variety of problem-solving skills to meet nearly every business need.


  • Coordinate bill paying to prevent late fees
  • Assist with developing a comfortable budget
  • Balance bank accounts in Quickbooks to track spending and prevent overdraft fees
  • Tracking expenses for tax purposes
  • Encourage limiting over-payment for services, merchandise, or donations
  • Assist clients with Treasury Direct's Savings Bond Calculator program, which registers and tracks paper savings bond investments
  • Assist with resolving billing and customer service issues


  • Assist with identifying and addressing unmet medical needs
  • Filing medical insurance claims & resolving disputes
  • Locating resources to mitigate the financial impact of necessary medical care
  • Organizing transportation to appointments


  • Monitor for identity theft and attempts at fraud
  • Coordinate with the client, family, and legal professionals to verify legal documents are in order


  • Filing and organizing important documents
  • Help organize the client's home to improve sanity and safety
  • Receive mail, filter for junk/scams, and deliver the important parts